How It Works

How does Youth Fair work ?

AGE:      This fair is for ages 6-18.  Please see division descriptions, some divisions have age requirements.  The age is taken by Jan 1st of the current year.

Fees:    This Fee is a $15 charge per exhibitor.  (There is no fee for parents, you just watch.)

Entering:   You start with picking ONE Division!  This is what you will learn for both Friday & Saturday!  The divisions are for example: goats, cats, woolcrafts etc.      ALL ENTRIES ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

  •  ONLINE ENTRIES:  PICK ONE DIVISION.  Once chosen and paid for, you are locked into that division.  Online Entries are open until March 16th.(Visa/MasterCard/AMEX)

Divisions:    The Division is the project you want to learn.  Make sure you read the division description so you know what the division is about.  This is a two-day hands on event.  You may need to bring items to prepare for a division.

Animals:  If you pick a division for an animal, you will need to bring feed, water, pans etc. to keep your animal happy.  All animals stay on grounds overnight except  cats.  There is an overnight watchman, to make sure all animals are secure through the night.

How the process works: 

  1. You enter a division online.  All entries are first come first serve.  Some divisions fill up, so register early for best choice.  Youth fair is always the last weekend of Spring Break every year.
  2. You will get a letter/email from your Division Superintendent the week before the fair, telling you about what to expect from your division, what you may need to bring, and the schedule for your division.
  3. If you don’t hear from your division superintendent by the 30th of March, please find their number on the Schedules & Superintendents page and call them for info. You can also use the contact form on this website and I can pass the info to them.
  4. Food:  Your exhibitor will need to bring a lunch, or money for lunch, there is a concession stand open, but with 500+ exhibitors and 80+ Volunteers, there may be a line.
  5. Ages 6-8 need to have a parent with them at all times. They are young!
  6. Dress smart!  Layers of clothes to keep warm.  The fairgrounds can be chilly, even indoors.  So make sure they have sweatshirts, and shoes appropriate for their division.  Examples:  Horse division should have boots, Lawn mower division may want rubber boots for the track.  Also consider they will be on their feet all day. So be comfortable.
  7. The Exhibitors Handbook will be more specific to animal haul in, basic information, and requirements etc.  Read them Please.

Any questions you still have, drop me a line in the contact form on this website, and I will get back to you. 

The Youth Fair is in its 32nd year. 100% driven by Volunteers and Sponsors.  Please thank our Sponsors.