Youth Fair 2019

We are excited for April 5 & 6 2019.  We hope to see you at our educational learning Fair!  Stay informed by visiting our Facebook page HERE for updates.  See page HOW IT WORKS –If you have never been to youth fair..check it out!  

  • (Entrance fees are for youth only.  $10 per student. 
  • For a family of 3 or more $30.        T
  • There are no entrance fees for the parents! Parents do not enroll!  Parents watch !   )

  2019 Online Entries Will be available in Feb. 2019

  Whatcom County Youth Fair is a unique opportunity for Teen Leaders to teach youth Participants.  This fair is put on solely by Volunteers, Teen Leaders, Parents and Sponsors.  Youth Fair is a hands on 2-day learning fair for youth ages 6-18, that is in its 31st Year.    We are a non-Profit, and all of our funds go back into running the fair, to the benefit of the participants.  We have participants that travel from great distances, including Eastern Washington, Island Counties, and as far south as Vancouver, WA. We hope to see you there! Come check it out!