Division Update News

Divison News: Below will be dates and Divisions that are full, and no longer taking Novice, Intermediate or Advanced entries. 

Divisions Full for April , 2020   Please see front page for Press release

Entrep- Full 2/23  (Teen Leaders still accepted)

Crafts/Hort  Full 2/25( Teen Leaders are closed too)

Cats- Full ( Teen leaders Full too)

3/10/2020  Whatcom County Youth Fair has been cancelled.  Please see front page of website for Press release.


  • Please do not enter in those Teen Leader entries if you are not a Teen Leader. Teen Leaders are minimum 13 years old and are experienced enough to teach in the division.
  • If you want to be on a waiting list for a full division, you must
    • enter in a 2nd choice division,
    • send payment and entry to WCYF 5975 Elder Rd.  Ferndale, WA 98248
    • email tina@whatcomcountyyouthfair.org to be put on a waiting list.