Division Update News

Divison News: Below will be dates and Divisions that are full, and no longer taking Novice, Intermediate or Advanced entries. 

We do take Teen Leaders in all divisions.  Please do not enter in those Teen Leader entries if you are not a Teen Leader. Teen Leaders are minimum 13 years old and are experienced enough to teach in the division.

2/23 Fri  10pm  Entrepreneur division is Full.  Teen Leaders spots available

2/25 Sun  1:00 pm  Cat Division is Full.  Teen Leaders spots available

3/6 Mon    Homemaking Teen leaders are Full. Homemaking division is now full & closed as of 4pm.

3/11 1:30 pm   Photography is full.   Teen Leaders spots available

3/12  5 pm   Knitting is closed.   Teen Leaders spots available

3/12  10pm   Country Crafts is close to full.  One spot left.  Teen Leaders still needed.

3/17  10pm  All divisions are closed except for Dairy and Horses.  Online for Dairy and Horses will be closed Sunday at 5pm.

                                            560 Entries are registered !

3/18 8 pm All online Entries are closed!   Call to be put on a waiting list.  360-312-9412 or cell 360-201-2273    Tina-Entries